Ways to use marijuana


Marijuana can be smoked with devices such as pipes, bongs, rolling a cigarette-like joint or cigar-like blunt. The safest way to use marijuana is by using a vaporizer and edibles.  A vaporizer heats marijuana to 185–210 degrees Celsius (365–410 °F), which causes the active ingredients to evaporate into a gas without burning the plant material.  A lower proportion of carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals is released than by smoking.  Vaporizer users have reported noticeably different effects compared with smoking, including a more euphoric hallucinogen-type high, because the vapor contains more pure THC.

Eating marijuana in foods:

THC and other cannabinoids are more efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream when combined with butter and other lipids, in foods such as cookies, brownies, ice cream, sodas and milkshakes. The time to onset of effects depends strongly on stomach content, but is usually about an hour, and may continue for a considerable length of time, whereas the effects of smoking marijuana are almost immediate, lasting a shorter time.

Drinks made with marijuana

Marijuana can be consumed as a tea.  Although THC is lipophilic and only slightly soluble, enough THC can be dissolved to make a mildly psychoactive tea. However, water-based infusions are generally considered to be an inefficient use of the herb.  Marijuana can be leached in high-proof spirits grain alcohol to create a drink called "Green Dragon”.  This process is often employed to make use of low-potency stems and leaves.  

Marijuana Spray

Marijuana can also be administered via a mist spray under the tongue.  By using this method, marijuana is not metabolized through the liver to produce the desired effects.  The spray is absorbed by the mucus membrane underneath the tongue and into the capillaries giving a more direct route into the bloodstream.

Marijuana ointments, creams, lotions:

Marijuana can be used topically to the skin to relieve pain from certain conditions.  The medication can be a lotion, ointment or rubbing alcohol solution.  Topical marijuana preparations provide only local relief and do not have any effect on the brain (there is no high).  This is helpful for those times when marijuana use is inappropriate such as when you have to drive your car and you still need pain relief.

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