Benefits of using marijuana in a vaporizer

Studies have shown that the healthiest way to consume marijuana is through the use of a vaporizer or edibles.  Time and time again patients tell me they would use a vaporizer if they could afford one.  I'd like to introduce you to a revolutionary new vaporizer in a convenient size and best of all it's the most affordable vaporizer on the market.  Take charge of your health today.

The vaporizers below comes with a ceramic chamber complete with a pancake coil and rubber mouthpiece. It also features a hit counter that counts how many hits have been taken since it has been turned on. This as well as battery life is displayed on a beautiful LED screen towards the bottom of the pen. To start, charge your pen and pack your 420 dry herbs into the ceramic chamber. Then, screw your mouthpiece back on and screw the chamber to the battery. Now your ready to vape. Click the button 5 times to power up your vape and start hitting! To turn the AGO off, click the button 5 more times. Your LED screen should read off just before it powers down. Never pack your chamber with the chamber attached to the battery, you could short the coil by mistake!

To order your vaporizer today for only $49.00 contact us.